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Amazon published its first transparency report

Amazon has published it first bi-annual transparency report detailing the different government request and if and how they complied. The report is for Jan 1 to May 31st, and doesn’t include the exact FISA number.

  • 813 subpoenas and Amazon complied with 542 of them
  • 25 search warrants and Amazon complied with 13 warrants
  • 13 court orders with Amazon only complying with 4 of those request
  • 132 government request outside the United States
  • 1 removal request, which Amazon complied with
  • Between 0 and 249 national security requests

Amazon Web Services Chief Information Security Officer Stephen Schmid made it clear that Amazon never participated in the government’s NSA PRISM program. The company believes all request for customer data should require a warrant or court order.

This is another technology company finally publishing a transparency report after being secretive about these government requests. Apple made a large point about privacy during WWDC as more users are becoming conscious about where their data lives and who can see it.

Tell us in the comments below how you feel about your data and if you care who can see it.

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