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Google publishes data on self driving car accidents

As Google works to test its self driving more it means that their are more accidents involving their vehicles, even though none of their vehicles are at fault. These accidents even though they aren’t at fault are bad press for the self driving cars and make them sound less safe. Getting rear-ended is the most common accident the project has encountered on its 1,011,338 miles driven in autonomous mode.

The monthly reports are Google being transparent about the accidents, and telling everyone how the cars perform during different traffic scenarios.

May: ‚ÄčA Google Lexus model AV was travelling southbound on Shoreline Boulevard in Mountain View in autonomous mode and was stopped behind traffic at a red light at the intersection of Shoreline Boulevard and El Camino Real. A vehicle approaching from behind collided with the rear bumper and sensor of the Google AV. The approximate speed of the other vehicle at the time of impact was 1 MPH. There were no injuries reported at the scene by either party. The Google AV sustained minor damage to its rear sensor and bumper. There was no visible damage to the other vehicle

The reports are boring, but they are still interesting to read about the self driving cars. Human interventions are causing accidents so the only way the streets will be safe is if only self driving cars are safe.

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