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Google I/O 2015: Android M, Android Pay, and Google Photos

At the keynote at Google I/O the company unveiled Android M Developer Preview, revealed its competitor to Apple Pay; Android Pay mobile payments system, showed off the new Google Photos with unlimited storage, offered a glimpse of offline support for Google Maps, announced that HBO Now is coming to Google Play, and previewed an Internet of Things platform called Project Brillo.

The event had a lot of news from the company but overall nothing we didn’t expect. The most exciting piece everyone is talking about is Google Photos. The newish service is the break off of Google+ Photos, so its not all that new. The Android M preview brings small updates, but could take years before most consumers have it own their phone they already own.

The IOT project Brillo is interesting as the market because filled with gadgets that are all connected to our phones and needed a platform to standardize them. The platform will directly compete with Apple’s HomeKit, but should have more adoption with it being open sourced. It’s unclear if Google’s Nest will be the center point of its push for the home or it that will stay separate as Google builds it iot platform.

There is lot of information to take in and we will release reviews of Google Photos, first thoughs on Android M, and more coverage as things hit our phones. Stay glued to the site and tell us in the comments below what you think about all the news from Google I/O.