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Spotify wants to become your entertainment hub

Spotify is the go to place for music and will become the same for video and podcast. Spotify announced today several updates including video capsule, Spotify running, podcast, and a new start page. The videos aren’t music videos but instead from partners such as Comedy Central, Vice and The Nerdist.

Spotify is trying to stand out from other streaming service like Beats, Google Music, and Amazon Play. The biggest update is the inclusion of podcast. The “richer mobile music experience built around your day, bringing you the music you love when you need it most.” With a new “Now” page, the service can now recommend music based on your mood. The addition of podcast makes Spotify one of the first apps to bring together music and podcast.

Spotify also added a new feature called Spotify running, which will curate your music based on your running tempo. The service will also partner with Nike+ “to bring new music experiences to their audiences around the globe,” and running will also integrate with Nike+.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the updates and if you’re as excited about the addition of podcast as I am!


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