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Microsoft will bypass carriers to deliver core phone updates

If you own a Windows or even Android phone mobile updates to the OS can take weeks or months roll out or never happen. The wait is caused by carriers approving and releasing the latest software updates for phones. Microsoft has confirmed that it will take control of these updates, cutting out the carrier involvement in pushing updates.

Windows phones on AT&T and T-Mobile are still awaiting updates, and the carriers aren’t moving faster for some reason. Apple on the other hand control when their updates are rolled out, and doesn’t have a fragmentation issue like Windows or Android.

In a post on the Microsoft blog, the company explained:

Here at Microsoft, we take our responsibility to keep Windows secure seriously. We … proactively update supported devices with necessary updates to address issues. And today, we’re announcing this continuous update process applies to all Windows 10 devices, including phones.

The only downside is Microsoft only controls updates from Windows 10 Mobile devices. Meaning its up to carriers when devices running Windows Phone 8.1 get the update to Windows 10 Mobile. Carriers can still provide feedback on the early release of Windows updates, but Microsoft will have the final decision when the update rolls out.

Microsoft said that it would control updates when it first released the OS platform 5 years ago, but it never stuck to its word and let carriers get involved. Now Microsoft is more committed to its mobile OS, and the mobile market as it release Office and other products for iOS and Android.

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