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You can sign-up with Periscope wihout a Twitter account

Using Persicope without being hooked into the Twitter exosystem has become easier. The update Periscope pushed out Monday allows users to reply directly to comments in Periscope chats, change avatars, and all users will be notifyed when one user is blocked.


Now you can use your phone number to sign up for Periscope, with no need for a Twitter account at all. An interesting move for a company owned by Twitter and an app that Tweets out when your live.

The updated is aggresivly looking to grow Periscopes footprint as Meerkat steps away from its reliance from Twitter. Users will pick platforms based on user experince and service reliablity. Users who sign up with a phone number instead of Twitter won’t have the ability to tweet when they are live. The users streams won’t reach as much users because they won;t be tweet to millions of people who are looking for Periscope streams.

Tell us if you’ll sign up to Periscope using your phone number or if you already have an account tell us what you think about the live streaming service in the comments below!

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