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2.1 million people are subscribed to AOL Dial-up Internet

It’s 2015 and Google Fiber is bring thousands of subscribers gigabit internet. In AOL’s quarterly earnings it announced that over 2.1 million people are subscribed to its dial-up internet service. Most people have ditched the old, slow, and antiquated system for broadband, but these 2.1 million continue to use the service.  Some could be subscribed because broadband isn’t available in their area while others may be stuck in there old ways.

Dial-up internet cost $20 a month and only reaches speeds of 56kbs. Those speeds can barely load a modern-day website let alone stream Netflix or YouTube. The internet is a much difference space than it was 20 years ago when dial-up was the only service offered. In 2010 4.6 million users were subscribed to dial-up internet so it is declining but it’s not fast enough.

If broadband wasn’t around we wouldn’t have the internet we love today, nor would we have the tech journalism that we have come to love.  Tell us in the comments below what you think about there still being 2.1 million dial-up subscribers left in the U.S.

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