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Google I/O will bring Android M

Another year, another I/O means another version of Android. Last year Android L (Android 5.0 Lollipop) was introduced to the public. The Google I/O schedule was combed over by hundreds of eyes with AndroidPolice noticing the reference of Android M. Google has since pulled and amended the schedule, but it still hints at lots of announcements.


That’s all the information we know about Android M now, but May 28 we will find more. The news of the next iteration of Android will be talked about in some way at I/O, which Google may have worked on since last years launch. The downside of a new version of Android is only a small percentage of phones will get the update. Android 5.0 has has around 10% adoption rate and Android M will be even lower for months to come.

Do you have any guesses at what Android M will be named? Tell us your guess in the comments below!

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