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Mophie releases a waterproof battery case for the iPhone 6

Mophie introduced the juice pack H2PRO, which is Mophie’s first waterproof battery case for the iPhone 6. The case is avaible for pre-order for only $129.95 through the Mophie website. Mophie tradtionally stuck to battery cases that give your phone extra juice to get through the day. The addation of the case being waterproof brings key features of Lifeproof cases and Mophie cases. The combation now lets users not only protect their phone but also juice their phone up through the day.

The H2PRO sports a  2,750mAh battery, which will provide your iPhone 6 a full charge. Mophie said that the pack actually “exceeds military standards for protection” against drops, and has an IP68 rating that means it should withstand dust and water immersion at depths up to 1.2 meters for 30 minutes.

The case will be shipping in late May, and for only $129.95 its a deal. A lifeproof case runs close to $100 with a regular Mophie case running for $60. It’s a $200 plus value for only $130, and looks great on your iPhone 6.

Tell us if you’d put the H2Pro on your iPhone 6 or would you rather go for another less obtrustive case in the comments below.