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Meerkat comes to Android & adds support for Facebook

Meerkat has launched its app on the Google Play on Thursday for the enjoy of Android fans. This beats Twitter owned Periscope to be first on Android, so its a big move for the streaming service app. Meerkat also announced it will support Facebook so you can publish alerts directly to Facebook, and new users can sign up with Facebook. There isn’t a need for Twitter’s service anymore, which is a win for Meerkat whose directly competing with a Twitter owned service.

While users are flocking over to Periscope, and Periscope dominating the news cycle. Meerkat can draw them back with more users and the ability to hookup with Facebook. Meerkat’s support for Facebook is a response to Twitter cutting Meerkat off from its social graph weeks before the release of Twitter’s own service.

Meerkat has also brought small updates with mobbing, emojis, and how popular streams get promoted to the front page. Hopefully these small but important updates will hopefully bring users back to its streaming app.

Tell us if you’ll start using Meerkat on Android or wait till Periscope comes to Android in the near future in the comments below.

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