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Google+ unveils collections to compete with Pinterest

Google+ may loose their photos feature, which is arguably the best feature and service offered from the dormant social network. Google isn’t stopping development on Google+, and announced Google+ Collections today. Collections is where users can create “boards” of images, videos, and other media much like Pinterest.

Google is using these collections to promote activity and spur discovery within the community. The search giant explained that its happiest users “are those who connect with others around shared interests and passions,” and Collections is going to be Google way to do that.

Collections is available on the web and Android with an iOS update coming soon. The collections will appear in the news feed as normal post so users shouldn’t notice a difference. While Google competing with Pinterest should be difficult because the social network already carved out a market of users.

Tell us if you’d use Google Collections or if you’ll stick with Pinterest in the comments below.