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Tesla unveils batteries to power homes and businesses

Tesla is working on more then their electric powered cars. The company announced the PowerWall and PowerPack from its subsidiary Tesla Energy. The batteries are already going to be installed in a limited number Target super stores, Amazon data centers, and of course homes across the nation.

The home battery system comes in 10 kWh and 7 kWh options, priced at $3,500 and $3,000 respectively. The Powerpack comes in 100 kWh battery blocks that can scale from 500 kWH to beyond 10 MWh. The home battery could make owning a Tesla car cheaper by storing solar power or another renewable source of power. The powerpack will be used by business that want to store power for use during high peak times and during of periods that the grid is not properly working.

The high ambitions of Tesla Energy could cause huge waves of change in how we consume, use, and think about energy. Up until recently solar power was limited to when the sun was out shinning, and their wasn’t way to store the energy or draw upon other renewable energy during cloudy days or stormy days.

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