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Grooveshark is officially dead

Grooveshark has been around for a decade but the past few years its been a slow decline with ongoing legal battles being the main cause. In a long message to users Grooveshark announced its shutting down, and major record labels will take control of  website, mobile apps, patents, copyrights and any other intellectual property. This handover is apart of a settlement that  Universal, Sony and Warner won against Grooveshark.

The company failed to failed to get licenses for streaming its music and was even caught uploading illegal musics onto its server. The companies failure marks the end of a decade where online music streaming was coming out of its infancy and into adult hood.  Now streaming music has become a mutli-billion dollar business with Spotify leading the pack and Apple trying to catch up with Beats Music.

The company in most terms paved the road for streaming services that we have and love these days. Tell us in the comments below if you used Grooveshark before Spotify, Rdio, and Beats music became the popular go to services.

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