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Twitter stock crash after earnings leak early

Twitter’s stock prices have dropped nearly 20% as a Twitter account leaked its first quarter earnings early. Selerity, a company that apparently scrapped them from Twitter’s own investor page, has done this with Microsoft in 2011. After the leak Twitter’s stock began to dip the company halted trading and released the numbers early. Twitter is point the finger at NASDAQ, who manages it investor relations website.

Amid all the chaos and news of the companies stock tanking , Twitter also announced it would work more closely with Google t omaking its advertising inventory available through the DoubleClick ad exchange. On top of that Twitter owned Pericsope saw one million signs ups in the first ten days. The social networked missed its monthly active users target, but did reach a milestone of 302 million active users.

This leak has costed Twitter billions of dollars in stock prices, and could have lasting effects into the next few months. It looks like Selerity didn’t do anything wrong, but has surely upset some folks at Twitter with one Tweet. It’s a little ironic that the realtime network suffered such a huge lost by one of its own users that did nothing more then send a tweet.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the leak and how it has effected Twitters stock prices.

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