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Comcast will drop TWC bid

The highly criticized $45 billion Comcast – Time Warner Cable merger is being dropped by Comcast. Reports have surfaced that the FCC wants to put the merger in front of a judge. There has also been a lot of judges, politicians, and lobbyist that have come out against the large merger. The deal would have brought together 30 million cable subscribers and become the largest ISP.

While consumers breath a collective sigh of relief, this announcement still doesn’t mean things will get better for consumers. The deal would prevent the two most hated companies to combine into a large monster. The announcement from Comcast could come as early as tomorrow.

This isn’t the first time a merger has failed in the past few years, and it won’t be the last one to be proposed or to happen. The ISP are now focusing their efforts on suing the government over the new net neutrality laws that have been passed through the FCC. Tell us what you think about Comcast dropping the Time Warner cable purchase in the comments below!