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You can buy a OnePlus One without an invite

Last year the OnePlus One was released and made everyone’s head turn with a high-end phone price at only $299. To purchase the phone you needed and invite, which made the phone difficult to buy. The phone runs cyanogenmod 11, and was recently updated to cyanogenmod 12. The company also released Oxygen OS, OnePlus’s alternative to Android and Cyanogenmod.

The phone was invite only and meant OnePlus was a hot item, and made the phone almost impossible to get. In a blog post announcing the news, OnePlus claims that the company has now sold more than 1 million handsets. When the company releases the OnePlus 2, the phone will need an invite to buy.

The phone is loved among Android users, and is one of the best phones on the Android phone market. The next iteration of the OnePlus should be similarly priced, and have more recent and higher specs than the current model. Tell us what you think about the OnePlus One and if you’ll try to buy it now you that you don’t need an invite in the comments below!

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