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Twitter new homepage targets logged out users

Twitter’s new homepage is another major step to extend its reach far beyond its own network and into the interwebs. The new webpage has rolled out to users with English desktops today, and will expand else where “over time.” The new homepage is apart of Twitter push to reach more sites with partnerships with Google, Flipboard, and Yahoo Japan.

The new homepage features different “topics” or curated streams ranging in topics from business news to cute animals. The page will show case the top content to new users and allow current users that are logged out to pop in and see what’s happening. The new homepage is informative and gives possible new users a taste of what the sites like once they’re signed up.

I logged out of my account on the desktop to take the new homepage for a spin, and its impressive. It offers a wide range of tweets and is more informative than any previous Twitter homepage. The homepage focuses on real-time events and always pushes you to login or sign up. It’s only available on U.S. desktops but will roll out for everyone else in the near future.

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