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Uber’s posting jobs to develop self driving cars

This year Uber opened a research lab in Pittsburgh with Carnegie Mellon University to focus on building robotic cars, IE  self-driving cars. Now with job postings we have a hint at what Uber has planned and how they will build the self-driving cars of the future.

The listing require an employee who has experience with “machine learning” and robotics, along with app development and traffic simulations. The other listing is looking for someone with “robotics motion planning.” The company is also looking for technicians with experience building cars. The listings point to Uber wanting to design, build, and possibly manufacture their own self-driving cars.

We won’t see an Uber self-driving car in the near future, but the market now has more competition and innovation from more companies. Tesla, Google, Toyota, and Audi have all started developing robotic cars that will soon reshape the transportation industry.

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