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You can view Google+ photos and video in Google Drive

Previously, the only way to view Google+ photos and video was through the Google+ app. Starting today, you’ll see your pictures and videos through Google Drive. The pictures and video will be stored in a separate section in the Google Drive app and web version. The update will start rolling out today and be fully available to everyone in the coming weeks.

This change was rumored to happen and apart of Google breaking up Google+ services into separate apps and services. The best thing about Google+ has always been the auto backup,storage, and magical editing of your pictures.  The Google Drive app is more widely used among business and students, which could mean more users use these kick butt photo tools.


It wasn’t clear if the photo storage would be taken from your Google Drive space or if it would still be free if you used lower quality uploads.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about Google breaking apart Google+ services like the Google+ photos and video service.