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Facebook’s future from the F8 Conference

At Facebook’s F8 conference in San Francisco today, Mark Zuckerberg announced a lot of changes and updates that s target for developers but will mean big changes for Facebook users. The updates include making Facebook Messenger a platform like WeChat or Line, improvements to Facebook’s video player and its app analytics. Facebook will also jump into the Internet of Things with a developer platform named, Parse.

Facebook is making Messenger a hub where users can do much more than just chat with friends. Developers who are early partners are focusing on pictures and entertainment with fellow Facebook friends. This means that if you buy movie tickets for friends you’ll be able to share the ticket details with them so they know when and where to pick up. The Messenger will also work as a place to communicate with customer service reps and other businesses. Users will be able to make reservations, track shipments, and reach customer service reps.

The update to the video player allow users to embed videos across the web. It will allow Facebook to catch up YouTube which now dominates video streaming on the web. This means more users will see the video and encourage publishers to place their videos on Facebook, because the video isn’t locked Facebook’s site. While the videos still lack ads embedding them across the web will defiantly draw more publishers to place their videos exclusively on the site where video engagement is high.

Facebook introduced a new analytics for apps that provides a dashboard of data so developers and marketers can better understand their audience.  This will benefit advertisers who will want to target their audiences more and more to reap more clicks and exposure from users.

The SDK for Parse will let developers build internet of things as they become a staple of our world. The data Facebook collects on habits and patterns could be used to offer tips to improve your lifestyle. While its unclear how Facebook will connect this to their core business, and why they want to be in this business.

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