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YouTube adds Google Now Style cards

YouTube’s current annotations don’t work across mobile and the desktop, and overall outdated for some time now . The new Google Now style cards will replace the old annotations that are useful, but more often than not are annoying . Google has six types of cards: Merchandise, Fundraising, Video, Playlist, Associated Website and Fan Funding.

The new cards work across mobile and desktop which gives creators more flexibility. This change will change the YouTube community a lot because a lot of creators use annotations at the end of their videos to link to previous videos. This would phase out a outro with a link to another video.

If you create videos for YouTube you’ll see the cards pop up for your videos in the coming days. The examples look beautiful, but a little too hidden from users in my opinion. The video attached above is an example of the fundraising card.

In the comments below tell us what you think about the new cards for YouTube videos.