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New fresh design and look

Technology moves at the speed of design, and design works the same way. Last year before SXSW we worked in conjunction with Ninjality to release a new theme. We’ve been working with them closely all year, and they’ve become the ones who manage our server, squash the bugs, and tweak the design. Now they’ve worked months to bring us this new refreshed design. We’ve studied, surveyed you and all of this has brought some major improvements to the theme.

The design focused more on content and making sure the first things you see is the content and not ads and space. It’s more clean and better fits the site and what I’ve envisioned it would be. We’ve done extensive testing on a staging site, but not every bug can be fixed right away. If you notice an problems, bugs, or something we can improve email or leave a comment.

Also explore the site for all our SXSW coverage, and check out our YouTube for all our video coverage. I also want to extend a thank you to all the readers who interact, like, and share our articles and videos across the web. Without you I’d still be talking to a wall, but now I’m able to make meaningful progress and grow within technology journalism.

Once again thank you and thank you to Kyle and Sunny who are the two founders of Ninjality.