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SXSW Day Two Recap

The main thing I noticed today is; people will stand in a line for hours if it means getting free things. Day two saw a lot more brands out in full force pushing their content down people’s throats. Their’s a lot of secret parties, and a lot of public/private parties. I sat in two panels today, but for the most part explored to different parties that were going on all day. The big party that I was looking forward to was the Pebble Time Pebbjama Jam for a few reasons. The big reason is I wanted to see a working Pebble Time in public, and not running the wonky testing firmware that is just on a loop.

The private parties companies host for their special invites and press is really the core of SXSW. It’s where a lot of people go to network, have fun, and to drink for free. While there’s hundreds of panels going on at the convention center and the surrounding hotels, a lot of people hit one or two panels go to lounges and than party. This is hands down the best place to network with like minded peers, because everyone is working and having fun. Everyone is pushing their product in hopes of viral success. While nothings stood out this year, its still neat to see thousands of startups try to impress everyone with secret parties, free food, and fee tshirts.

I also view the new connected cars that will soon be sold to the masses. These cars are equipped with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Honda’s car will use your smartwatch to remember where you parked your car, remote start, and view other key information about the car. Others are opting for the media approach by putting more advance entertainment systems in the car that integrate with Apple’s and Google’s phones.

Once again the best photos from today are below for your viewing pleasures, and we will have some video very soon! In the comments below tell us what you think about connected cars or the Pebble Time.