Google introduces new Chromebook Pixel

On the heels of the Macbook launch Google released the new Chromebook Pixel. The Pixel is still a highly over priced Chromebook, but its come down in price. Their are two different models one with an intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage; the other model packs an Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Both models are available now for $999 and $1,299.

They are expensive machines considering that the Chromebook is only able to run web apps, Google’s native Chrome apps, and select Android apps. They are great for users who only surf the web, email, and occasionally edit documents. The $1,000 price tag may seem fair for the specs, but for something that runs ChromeOS its over priced.

The Chromebook Pixel has been geared to developers who want to take advantage of building ChromeOS apps. Google understands that not everyone will buy this machine, but they are still recommend the lower end and more fairly priced Chromebooks through the Play Store.

The Pixel sports two Type-C USB ports which means the pixel can be charged in 15 mins to run for up to 2 hours. The Pixel also has an improved track pad and keyboard, internal improvements, and better hinges. The new Pixel is on sale now and will ship in 1 to 2 days. While I’d rather drop that much money on a Macbook someone may like the Appeal of the Chromebook Pixel.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Chromebook Pixel and the new lower price.



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