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Apple event recap: Macbook, Apple Watch, and Apple TV

Apple’s Spring Forward press conference brought us a new Macbook, Apple Watch pricing, the Apple TV price cut, and HBO stand alone service on Apple devices.  The event didn’t bring us anything exciting or anything we weren’t expecting. The new Macbook was exactly what was rumored, and the Apple watch prices were outrageous but what we estimated they would be.

The new Macbook starts at $1,299 and features a Retina display, one type C-USB port, along with a Intel Core-M processor, and did we mention its thinner than the Macbook Air. The Intel Core-M processor sips power, and doesn’t require a fan so Apple was able to make it thinner than the Macbook Air. The device is only being called the “Macbook”, and comes in three different colors. The processor may lack the power of Intel Core i5 in the Air and Macbook Power., but its still as capable.

The Apple Watch starts at $349 for the sports edition, and the most expensive model clocks in at $17,000. The pricing varies, and depends on the size and band you want. It’s capable of doing a lot, and is able to receive all the same notifications as the iPhone for better or worse. While smartwatches may not appeal to everyone, I’ll still reserve my judgment till I can take the watch out for a spin.

The Apple TV received a price drop from $99 to $69, which is a sweat deal with all the other set top boxes out on the market. On top of the price cut the device will get exclusive ability to stream HBO standalone service which will run $14.95. The price cut and the ability to stream HBO service will sure draw a lot more users.

Apple also announced ResearchKit which will is a way to collect medical information all in one spot. It allows researches to collect data from users on things from Parkinsons, to simple data collection like sleeping habits. It’s separate from healthkit, and Apple says it won’t see any of the data.

I’m excited from what Apple’s doing with the Macbook and the Apple Watch looks promising. The prices for the Apple Watch may be high but it will sell a million units no problem. The Researchkit is new and exciting and can help researches do some great things by accessing normal users. The Apple TV will have more users jumping on it for the price and ability to stream HBO standalone service.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about all the news from Apple and the prices.