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We’ll be at SXSW 2015

SXSW 2015 is bring technology lovers from all around the country and globe to Austin for what I like to call spring break for nerds. I’ll be there to cover, have fun and network with fellow journalist and tech employees. I plan on wearing a GoPro throughout the event to document and show what a reporter sees when they attend trade shows.

We’ll have photos, editorials, and recaps from each day at SXSW interactive portion. The interactive starts Friday March 13 but we’ll be there┬áSaturday, Sunday, and Monday to see all the fun and great things SXSW brings with it. We’ll explore the start up village and the surrounding areas around the convention center for everything.

If you have a idea, or want something covered we’d love to hear from you via Twitter, the comments below, or even that old fashion way; email. So this week we will be preparing for battle by packing my bag, charging batteries, and making sure I know what I want to hit while in Austin.

If you’ll be around SXSW the days I’m there I’d love to meet up, talk tech, and explore the event together. Subscribe, follow, like, and connect with us on that social media to follow our great coverage of SXSW this coming weekend. Also don’t forget to connect with us on Snapchat were we will have exclusive video of the event on there!