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Instagram’s lets brands post multiple photos in one post

Instagram is looking for more revenue and better way for brands to share their stories on the photo sharing service. If a user wanted to share more than one photo they would have to use a grid or post the photo one after another. Instagram is changing that, at least for brands starting today. The new adverts for brands will allow multiple photos posted at once through a carousel that will let users slide through.

Underneath the post, dots will show your which photo you’re viewing, and that handy link comes in the form of a “learn more” button. Brands of course can use photos and videos if they choose, but its a huge move for Instagram. The “carousel ads” allow more flexibility for brands to tell their stories on the site.

Once this opens up to more brands it could allow for brands to show more angels of products or areas. It’s a change from the one image that could boost revenue and spur more brands to advertise on the app.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the new “carousel ads”.

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