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Apple sets a March 9th event

The Apple Watch is right around the corner, and Apple has set a March 9th event that we will likely see the watch pricing for the rumored devices. It’s leaked that we will see over 22 different Apple Watch models once the device hits the market. The Pebble Time Kickstarter shows their is demand for a indie smartwatch, and the luxury watch from Apple will likely see double the demand.

The new Apple has been more open in the past year, with interviews and more controlled leaks. They will also stream the March 9th event for anyone who wasn’t invited or cannot make the event. This shift from a closed and secretive is refreshing and still shows how powerful Apple still is.

The price points will likely be set and all the versions of the watch will be shown, and Apple will likely have some apps and developers to show. There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered before the release of the watch.

Tell us in the comments below what you think we will see at this March 9th event.