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Net Neutrality Vote Wins: Title Two Restrictions

A proposal to protect the internet won in a 3-2 vote today. The proposal that was approved will bring title two restrictions to the internet, which is the same regulations that are used on telecom providers. This change will prevent throttling, internet fast lanes, and overall preventing ISP from making changes to make more money.

“We cannot have a two-tiered internet with fast lanes that speed the traffic of the privileged and leave the rest of us lagging behind,” said FCC member Jessica Rosenworcel at a meeting today ahead of the vote.

This doesn’t mean the war is over, or these regulations will come into effect anytime soon. ISPs like Comcast or Verizon are likely to sue the FCC to stop these regulations from going into effect. These new restrictions don’t include price floors, so ISP can charge what they see fit.

CTIA-The Wireless Association, which represents U.S. mobile carriers, called the decision “disappointing and unnecessary” while warning of the legal battle to come.

While some foresee the regulations coming into effect within the coming months, but legal battles could prevent and extend the fight for months to years.

Tell us what you think about these regulations and what  you think about the looming legal battle in the comments below.