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Pebble returns to Kickstarter for “Pebble Time”

Pebble’s teased a new device and software with a countdown. They have turned to Kickstarter once again to fund a color e-ink display with a new operating system built from the ground up. The Pebble Time project was released at 9am EST, and has now has pledges close to 2 million dollars only an hour after the release.

Ontop of the color e-ink display the watch has a microphone to send quick audio replies, is 20% slimmer, and will still last 7 days between charges. The device will retail for $199, the same price as the current Pebble Steel, but is currently $159 if you pledge to the Kickstarter now.

“As with all Pebble software, we’ve built an open platform,” Pebble explained. “You can allow apps and developers to add ‘pins’ to your timeline, so you can keep track of things like upcoming events, sports, weather, traffic, travel plans, pizza specials and more.” The company said it will roll out the Timeline interface to current Pebble models, but didn’t give a time frame.

The new timeline os will support Pebble’s current ecosystem of apps, which means developers won’t have to return to the drawing boards right away. The company also stressed the Pebble Time will work with iPhone, Samsung, and Android phones. Pebble is also marketing that the watch can count steps and running through partnerships with Misfit and Mapmyrun.

The color display is e-ink which means the watch should get great battery life compared to the Moto 360 or the upcoming Apple Watch.  Backers should see their new Pebbles around late May with the Kickstarter end on March 27. Pebble knew that loyal customers would flock to pledge to the project in order to be some of the first to get a Pebble color display.

Tell us if you’ll pledge or already have pledge to the Pebble Kickstarter in the comments below.


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