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YouTube will release an app for kids

We all know handing a kid a phone can expose them to content that we would normally never let them see. They have grown up with the internet and apps like YouTube which aren’t always the most kid friendly. There’s a lot of content oriented towards children on YouTube, but a lot of its hidden behind videos that we would like to filter out.

YouTube heard the complaints and the concerns parents have had with the app, and they are rumored to release a YouTube app specifically for kids on Android. The video creators will include Seasame Street, Reading Rainbow, DreamWorks TV, along with dozens of other children focused networks. A YouTube spokesperson said the app has been in development for months, and that the app is inresponse to the growth among the younger kids.

Parents who want to limit screen time can do so within the app with a timer that will close the app down after an hour or two shows. YouTube has become the tv network for children growing up in a world dominated with smartphones and connected everything.

YouTube isn’t the first app to introduce a kid friendly version. Twitter owned introduce a kid version because parents were concerned what their kids were watching on the app but couldn’t always watch them. YouTube surely won’t be the last company to introduce a kid friendly version of the app, but they may have started a new trend among technology companies in the media market. YouTube didn’t mention anything about how ads would be served in the app or how they would be targeted for the children.

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