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Office for iOS adds more cloud storage options

Microsoft has come to the realization that not everyone wants to use OneDrive while they use the Office suite of products. The company already announced integration with Dropbox, but is now allowing other third party cloud storage options.

iCloud, Box, Citrix, and Salesforce are all going to be supported with others coming in the near future. While we may never see Google Drive support its great to be able to use Office to edit documents and save them on the cloud service of your choice. The ability to save to iCloud is huge, because Apple’s suite of office apps isn’t always the best choice on the mac. However, it was the only software that could edit documents and save to the iCloud Drive.

Microsoft said these third party storage options will be available for Android and Windows 10 Office. The online Office suite can now be integrated through the web browser with cloud portals such as Box and Salesforce.

Microsoft is on the uphill climb to be cool, and the best way to do that is having their name all over your phone and computer no matter the operating system. Microsoft may not be able to compete with the iPhone or top Android phones, but it can get its name on the phones through apps like Outlook and Office.

I’m thrilled for this openness and ability to save my files anywhere I want without having to install extra software to do so. Tell us in the comments below on what you think about Microsoft opening up Office to other third party cloud storage options.

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