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Pebble updates adds Android Wear notifications

Pebble was the first popular smartwatch, and started the snowball effect that brought us Android Wear and the Apple Watch. Now Pebble is trying to stay ahead of the curve by integrating Android Wear notifications into the Pebble smartwatch, along with support for PlexFit (Google Fit).

The added support for Plexfit means Google Fit can now track steps with the Pebble smartwatch. The Misfit app already tracked steps with the Pebble and was one of the only ways to do so up until Google Fit.

This update brings on Android Actionable Notifications, which means you can reply to and decide what to do with notifications. Users will need to be paired with Android devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher with Pebble Android app version 2.3 or higher. The nice thing is developers don’t need to do anything to enable the actionable notifications which is a huge win for Pebble users.

If a text message comes through you can reply with a canned message that you’ve already set up or with a emoji. Along with that you can decide to favorite Tweets, archive Gmail messages, and interact with other notification.

Apple users also got an update that brings several bug fixes and stability improvements, but nothing as cool as the Android side. Once the Apple Watch comes we could possibly see Pebble take advantage of the updates for the Apple Watch, that is if Apple makes them available to third parties.

A Pebble smartwatch paired with an Android phone is more powerful and better experience than ever before. Pebble has made it clear that new hardware and innovative features would come this year, but users still love the classic Pebble that now sells for $99.

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