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Flipboard is finally available on the web

In 2010 Flipboard was a new an exciting idea, but with the demise of Google reader and other news readers being bought up or sold their has been a hole that Flipboard has filled. Flipboard before being available on the web either sent you into the app if you were on a device that had the app installed or sent you straight to the article. This left Flipboard of the equation and limited exposure to new users.

The app has been struggling to compete with Facebook and Twitter as more users turn to those sites to acquire their news, and with Snapchat’s recent move into disrupting news Flipboard has an even more crowded market.

When former TellMe CEO Mike McCue and Evan Doll, a former Senior iPhone Engineer at Apple, incorporated Flipboard in 2010, the iPad wasn’t even around. “It was never supposed to be an iPad app,” says Flipboard’s design lead Didier Hilhorst, “but web technologies weren’t as advanced back then as they are today.”

Web technologies have advanced to where Flipboard can feel familiar and work perfectly like it can on iOS or Android. Now Flipboard can track your reading habits across on platforms, and better curate news stories to what you’ve read, liked, and shown interest in.

The Flipboard web version looks beautifulĀ on any screen size, and is able to adjust depending on image sizes, headline lengths, and if a article includes a video. Tell us in the comments below where you get your news from and if you will now use Flipboard because its now in the browser.

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