Anon Takes On ISIS

In a recent statement and video published by the hacker collective Anonymous, increased vigilante rhetoric and a lack of tolerance for jihad seemed to dominate their tailor-made announcement for the radical Islamist militants.

While the collective hasn’t seemed to match the video-editing superiority of their newly found foes, their message and objectives remained clear to the online community and the world at large: Anonymous is no friend of the would-be Caliphates, and has taken increased measures to suppress their recruitment efforts.

A long with 89 Twitter accounts, Anonymous also listed 12 Facebook profiles of suspected ISIS recruiters that now pull up dead-end results. As of now all of the profiles listed seem to be inactive, but given the dedication of the “Daeshi“, one thing can be guaranteed: it’s only a matter of time before a response comes beaming from the radio waves, televisions and LCD screens of our media.

Chances are ISIS will try to recreate the fate of Guy Fawkes (the universal inspiration for the masks of Anonymous ) with the hacker collective- but let’s hope not, after all… quartering is so four centuries ago.


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