Amazon wants to buy RadioShack’s stores

Amazon has been a purely online shopping experience, but they have experimented with a physical presence. Amazon offers lockers where you can pick up purchases and leave returns. However, Amazon does want to open psychical stores to compete with Apple and Microsoft. Than cue RadioShack which has been struggling to stay alive for years now. The company is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and rumors have swarmed that Sprint may buy the company for its stores.

If Amazon would buy RadioShack it could transform them into a place where you can pick up, drop-ff, and check out Amazon’s latest gadgets.  It’s no clear if Amazon would co-brand the new stores like Sprint had planned, but Amazon could have gold sitting in bankruptcy court.

The stores could offer same day or next day pick up for select devices and products. I could also go right into the store for returns and support problems regarding their Fire tablets, phone and Kindles. This plan, if it happens, would allow Amazon to compete with Microsoft and Apple who both have stores in major cities across the country and world.

While Amazon buying RadioShack is a little ironic, them keeping the name could show the growth that we have made from brick and mortar stores to these quzi-online and physical stores. Tell us in the comments below what you think about RadioShack’s demise and if Amazon buying their stores is a good idea.


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