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Google Now supports third party apps

Google Now has been a walled in ecosystem that is now opening up to third party apps. This means onto of Google serving up helpful information from your calendar, search history, and the predictive search it will serve up information from third party apps. The list for supported third-party apps sports almost 40 at current count, and includes apps like Airbnb, Lyft, The Guardian and Pandora.

Google Now won’t share user data with third party apps, however some apps will be triggered by the phones location. The card when pressed will open the third party app so you can access your data. So in order to get certain cards you’ll need to make sure you have the apps installed.

This move makes Google Now more of a home screen for your phone and a personal assistant. It’s more helpful than Siri or Cortna is being marketed as, because Google Now collects and displays your information all in one spot. This change makes Android more appealing to users and could make some people switch over.

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