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Imgur’s “Video to GIF” is epic

GIF’s are as old as the internet, but its never been easy to create one for everyone’s entertainment. Imgur is changing that with a simple video to GIF tool that supports hundreds of video sites. Now that Twitter and other social sites support them they have taken the internet by storm.

The portal is now a lifesaver, and is very easy to use. The max GIF length is 15 secondsĀ and a limit of 10 mb, but if you go over its converted to GIFV. Which is a more optimized GIF with the same quality and time frame. Imgur doesn’t place any watermarks or require you to pay to get higher quality GIF’s. It’s all free for the internet to enjoy and create amazing GIF’s to share.

I now have an easy way to create GIF’s of me, cats, and sports without waste the whole day. Well now I’ll still be wasting the day away but now I’ll be making dozens if not hundreds of GIF’s in that time frame. Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Video to GIF portal, and don’t forget to share the best ones with us!

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