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Snapchat launches discover feature

Snapchat introduced and rolled out discover, which allows content creators like Comedy Central, CNN, and National Geographic to serve content right in the app. The company will also launch a publishing arm to fill its discover tab with content at all times.

The companies will post content within their discover tab which is specially designed for them to show different stories. In Snapchat fashion these stories will disappear after a certain amount of time, which keeps the tradition of snaps expiring after a certain time.

The media companies on Discover at launch include Vice, CNN, National Geographic, ESPN,Cosmopolitan and various more. This gives the company a chance to place ads in these areas without disrupting the users main sharing between friends. This also gives companies that have been sharing snaps for some time a better way to access users beyond telling them to add them on Snapchat.

The update also added a new easier way to add friends by using a QR code that the Snapchat app can use.

While pitching this to creatives and artist doesn’t quite make as much sense as a news company or business using it. News companies or media companies can bring content straight to teens that get them interested in the world around them instead of trying to get them to buy newspapers or use pay-walls to generate content.

Tell us what you think about Snapchats new discover feature and attempt at being more than just a messaging app in the comments below.



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