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NHL partners with GoPro

Hockey fans are going to get even more unique view points from NHL games. During Saturday’s All-Star Skills Competition and Sunday’s All-Star game, video will be streamed in real-time from GoPro’s worn by players and referees, mounted inside goals and placed at various other angles around the rink.

The NHL will also continue to use GoPro’s to broadcast different angles around the rink during the rest of the season. However, a NHL programming executive says to not expect to see the first-person video from players happening again beyond this weekend.

“Game broadcasts will use the content to provide deeper layers of storytelling and to showcase the skating, stickhandling, goal scoring and netminding skills of some of the biggest names in the NHL,” the company said in the announcement.

GoPro is used in extreme sports and by other athletes to film them in the action, but this is the first major league using them to stream a lot of their video. This is the first sports league outside of the X-Games to use GoPros officially. The NFL could be a league that could take advantage of the first person views and placing them in unique angles.

The NHL has a preview of how the video streams will look this week:

Tell us in the comments what you thin about the NHL using GoPros to show first person views and unique angles. I am not a fan of hockey but I will love to watch these broadcast which will make me feel like I’m right in the center of the action.