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Google wants to be your mobile carrier

Google launched Google Fiber in select markets in 2012, which signal Google wanted to move from just being your internet destination but also your provider.

According to  a report Google is close to announcing cellular plans later this year. Google could buy “wholesale access” from Sprint and T-Mobile networks and then sell cellular plans to its own customers. It would be a custom branded network that could be cheap or could be offered with Google Fiber in select markets.

The details are slim, but its shows Google wants to depart from its core business and start to put more emphasis on mobile.  These moves could also cause more problems for the company as the government looks to regulate the internet and Google more.

We could see a Google operated network sometime later this year, but for now we have to deal with the broken system we have. Tell us in the comments below if you would buy from Google for your cellular data or stick with one of the big four.