Stream broadcasting now live

In game broadcasting has become a multimillion dollar business with everyone from developers to gamers getting on board. is the most notable and the largest streaming service that gamers turn to. Gamers stream their games to hundreds and millions of viewers of games ranging from League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Minecraft. Now Steam, the gaming client where you can download and play millions of games, is jumping into the in-game streaming market.

The new Steam client update brings the ability to stream your game play to your friends and the public. Unlike Twitch their isn’t a wide viewership or users jumping at the chance to stream to Steam. Current stats show that Steam’s streaming service hasn’t even passed a thousand views.

This could be users are streaming to Twitch, or users haven’t had the chance to update their Steam client. Either way it’s interesting to see more companies jump into an emerging market that s exploding right now. Twitch is the market leader and it may be too late for others to jump in at this point.

Steam may have a small disadvantage because Twitch can be streamed from your console like the Xbox One or the PS4, and Steam is only Mac or PC gaming. That market isn’t as large as the console gaming market, and Twitch has made it dead simple to stream to Twitch from any device.

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