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Samsung wants to buy Blackberry

Samsung has been pushing for more enterprise customers, but with Androids storied history of security problems and malware. Samsung has had lots of problems getting businesses to jump on using their phones because of those issues. Samsung has been pushing their security platform Knox, but enterprise customers are still wary. Samsung buying Blackberry could give them a leg to stand on with security.

Reuters, is reporting that Samsung executives meet with top executives Blackberry to discuses a possible acquisition of the ailing mobile handset maker.    The exact progress of the talks weren’t mentioned nor is it clear if Blackberry would be willing to sell after recent renaming and restructuring.

Blackberry shares were trading at $12.60 at the market close, and that is what Reuters reported Samsung is willing to pay anywhere between $13.35 and $15.49 per share for BlackBerry. I don’t think the shares will hit that high considering acquisitions talks are common with Blackberry these days.

Samsung would have a big win on their hand if the talks come to close. Samsung could over take the enterprise mobile market and say they have a secure platform, which is something that Apple nor Microsoft cannot say. While, Apple plays with smart watches, possible mobile action cameras, and other consumer products Samsung could take the market over.

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One response to “Samsung wants to buy Blackberry”

  1. But yet around 5+ hours ago both Samsung and Backberry have said they have NEVER had any meetings at all and Blackberry saying “we have not engaged in discussions with Samsung with respect to any possible offer to purchase BlackBerry.” Then a few hours later Samsung said they have NO interest in blackberry at all.