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Google’s Project Ara to being a pilot program in Puerto Rico

Google’s getting closer to making modular phones a reality. Google’s moonshot project Ara will start a pilot program in Puerto Rico. Today was the second developer conference for Project Ara, where they highlighted the Spiral 2. The idea behind Project Area is consumers can switch out cameras, processors, and the battery without replacing the whole phone.

Eremenko said Google currently has 11 prototype modules but the plan is to eventually have 20-30 third-party modules available. Spiral 2’s shells are customizable with high-resolution colors or pictures so each module can have its own design.

Google says they choose Puerto Rico because its a diverse area for testing because the area is equally divided with smart phones and feature phones. The phones will be available through OpenMobile and Claro, and sold through food style trucks.

The cost will vary based upon how many modules buy.  A wide spread launch will come sometime after the pilot program but Eremenko said the time frame isn’t known yet. The time will also depend on

Tell us what you think about the Google moonshot project and if you’d want a modular phone or other smart phone offerings like the iPhone in the comments below.