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Restaurants will soon take mobile payments

Mobile payments are the next payment system that is going to kill cash, credit cards, and checks. While major chains accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet, their are smaller businesses that still don’t support mobile payment, and onto of that restaurants don’t have a way to take mobile payments. Verifone new Payware Mobile e355 wireless terminal lets stores or restaurants take mobile payments anywhere.

The terminal won’t be released till summer and on top of that it could take longer for stores and restaurants months or years to adopt the mobile payment system.  The design of the system is meant to support different phones and operating systems.

This is an important step towards embracing the future of mobile payments. This system is going to allow for better security because you won’t have to hand a waiter or waitress your credit card or phone so they can go take care of your payment. I’m excited to see this system in the wild and use it sometime in the near future

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