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Window’s 10 new browser detailed in new report

It’s rumored Microsoft is working on a new web browser for Window’s 10 code named Spartan. The browser would be separate from internet explorer, and soon become the default for Windows. Spartan will sport a lot of new features┬ábut one of the biggest is Cortana, which is Microsoft’s new personal assistants that is competing with Siri and Google Now.

IE has a tarnished reputation and is know for being slow and clunky since Firefox, Chrome, and Safari have taken over. While Internet Explore commands a large market, developers and techies stray away from the browser. Spartan won’t be apart of Windows core updates, but updates through the Windows store. The browser will also have a new way to group tabs making for a less cluttered experience. The browser will also sync across your pc, tablet, and phone which will make the browser experience seamless.

Microsoft is building a lightweight featured packed browser that won’t have the bad reputation around the browser. Microsoft next event is on Jan 21, and we could see them talk about Spartan. Tell us in the comments below what you think about Microsoft’s new browser.