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Apple watch release date and Macbook rumors

Apple’s again opted out of CES, but they are once again turning heads towards their products. Everyone right now is forgetting that smart cars are now, the internet of things are going to be here sooner than we think, and that our movies and tv shows are going to look great in 4K. Apple has the headlines and the attention of every technology blogger today and they haven’t released and announced anything. Their are rumors that the Apple Watch is going to be released before the end of March. On top of that we have a repeatable source claiming their is going to be a new 12-inch Macbook Air.

The Apple Watch was announced during Apples keynote late in 2014 with the release date of early 2015. Almost everyone knew the watch was going to have a release month of March or April, but now the rumors point to sometime in March. Reports already claim some Apple store employees are going to Cupertino and Austin, Texas to have a hands with the device. It looks like the device isn’t far off, however we could still see delays. Apple may not announce the release till a month or even a few weeks before you can start preorders.

The Macbook Air rumors are huge, and from a source that has a great track record with rumors from Apple. The new 12 inch Air would once again rock the boat and put ultrabook competitors back on their butts. Apple is rumors to make the new 12-inch Air thinner and more narrow than the current 11-inch model. This would mean a smaller bezel and the keyboard being slightly smaller. It’s also report Apple is opted for the completely fan-less design which could mean new chips being used. On top of this Apple may toss out the typical USB ports in favor of the new USB Type-C ports. This port could also be the way the laptop is charged so no more pesky charging cables.

While both of these are rumors they come from sources that have leaked rumors that come true. Now Apple may wait to release the Macbook till the fall or not long till after CES. Either way the Macbook sounds exciting and could change the ultrabook market as everyone looks to Apple for designs and the future. The Apple Watch is a matter of waiting till everyone can have one on their wrist, in the mean time I’ll be happy with my Pebble and other fitness trackers.

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