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Samsung bets big on the internet of things

Our tv’s, phones, computers and gaming systems are all connected to the internet all the time. Tv’s have only been connected to the internet for a few years now, but tvs are still being sold without internet connections. Samsung’s CEO, BK Yoon, said all Samsung TVs and products will be web-connected in five years during a keynote speech tonight at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Samsung wants fridges, microwaves, and any other appliance the company produces to always be connected to the internet.

“By 2017, 90% of all Samsung products will be IoT devices — and that includes all our televisions and mobile devices,” Yoon said. “And five years from now, every single piece of Samsung hardware will be an IoT device, whether it is an air purifier or an oven.”

“In addition, we are working to make every smart device in the home, like smart TVs, act as an IoT hub.”

Samsung said it will invest $100 million in its developer community this year alone. Yoon was joined on stage by SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson to support Samsung’s vision for working together.

“For the Internet of Things to be a success, it has to be open,” Hawkinson said. “Any device, from any platform, must be able to connect and communicate with one another. We’ve worked hard to accomplish this, and are committed to putting users first, giving them the most choice and freedom possible. The SmartThings ecosystem is now compatible with more devices than any other platform.”

Developer’s and companies are working towards building their own smart devices within their ecosystem. Samsung wants to push other companies to build smart appliances that work together and all communicate. It would be amazing for your fridge to tell your out of milk, juice, or cookies on your television. Whether this is a good push or if its a brilliant idea is yet to be seen.  Smart appliances are great, but they can also make our connected world seem more over whelming.

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