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Twitter wants to compete with YouTube now

Twitter’s dabbled with video for a while now, and even built Vine to offer short 6 second videos similar to its 140 character limit. Now Twitter wants to provide a place that you’ll be able to upload videos up to 10 minutes long. They want to become a full fledged YouTube competitor.

Twitter claims that anything that can be uploaded to YouTube can be uploaded to Twitter as long as it meets the time requirement.  The videos don’t support ads just yet, but we cannot imagine Twitter not taking advantage of in stream ads. Vine for Twitter was a huge success among teenagers, and spawned hundreds of Vine celebrities that have YouTube channels in most cases now. If Twitter can keep these internet celebs within their network they can control ads, and help promote these stars even more. is currently only available for verified users, so its testing is going to be hidden for the most part. Twitter did say it will release the service in early 2015, which could be in days, weeks or next month. The videos could be used for users, but it sounds like more brands will take advantage of it to promote their products or brands in videos longer than 6 seconds.

We hope the native cards support won’t cause Youtube videos to be pulled like Instagram’s did not too long ago. While Twitter continues to try and make money and appease investors, it seems like its become more and more like Facebook. The benefits of these changes to the timeline and integrated video are yet to be seen for the users, but the benefits for advertisers and brands are enormous.

Tell us what you think about Twitter’s attempt to compete with the video giant, YouTube, in the comments below.

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