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Seagate Seven is a super slim hard drive

The Seagate Seven comes on the anniversary of the first mass produced 5.25-inch desktop hard drive, the ST-506, built back in 1980 and had just 5MB of storage space. Solid state drives are the way of the future, but the prices are still high and have yet to come down. The Seagate Seven is only 7mm thick while it still packs 500GB of memory, and only cost $99.99.

The HDD has an attractive Steele chassis, and uses USB 3.0 to move photos, videos, and files from your desktop or laptop super fast. The hard drive is based upon the Angsana drive, but Seagate isn’t tell us much more than this right now.

Hard drives will continue to improve until they are phased out for cloud storage or solid state drives. I don’t think I would ever opt for a HDD over a SDD, because SSDs are similarly priced to the Seven with double the memory. I recently purchased a SSD for around $70 that had 1TB of memory and a Steele frame, which in the end was a better deal.

Tell us if you’ll buy the Seagate Seven or if you’ll opt for a SSD in the comments below.